Collection: Jordan 2

The Air Jordan 2 originally debuted in 1986 and marked a pivotal moment in the Jordan brand's history. Designed by Bruce Kilgore, it was the first Air Jordan model to deviate from the iconic Swoosh design, opting for a more refined and luxurious look with its Italian-made construction. Despite initially facing mixed reviews, the AJ2's cultural significance grew over time. It became a symbol of Jordan's growing influence in both basketball and fashion, eventually leading to retros and collaborations that solidified its place in sneaker history. Today, the Air Jordan 2 is celebrated for its unique design and lasting impact on sneaker culture.

The Air Jordan 2 features luxurious materials, including high-quality leather and distinctive faux lizard skin accents. One of the most popular colorways is the classic Jordan 2 Retro OG Chicago. The Air Jordan 2 has also seen significant collaborations, such as the Just Don series with designer Don C, which incorporated premium materials and unique detailing, further elevating its status in the sneaker world and fashion culture.

The Air Jordan 2 distinguishes itself from other sneakers through its departure from conventional athletic footwear design. It was the first Jordan model to lack the iconic Swoosh. Instead, it introduced a more upscale and luxurious aesthetic. In our opinion, this departure from the norm, coupled with its association with Michael Jordan, marks the AJ 2 as a unique and pioneering sneaker that set a new standard for both athletic and fashion-forward footwear.

The Air Jordan 2 pairs harmoniously with a range of fashion-forward and upscale items. For an all-out Jordan brand outfit, you can pair the AJ 2 with joggers, tees, hoodies, and shorts from the Jordan apparel collection. Now that’s some brand loyalty.